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Sinclair Terrel air to air heat pump with ionizer A++ / A+ 24000BTU

  • Energy class A++ / A+
  • Dual side water outlet
  • Hidden display
  • 7 speeds of fan
  • Horizontal and vertical guide louver swing
  • Function „I FEEL“
  • 8 °C heating
  • Standard filters – Catechin filter SAF-OPWC4 and silver ion filter SAF-OPWS4
  • Cold plasma generator
  • WiFi module
  • Dry ON / OFF contact
  • Crankcase heater, chassis heater
  • Remote controller YAC1FB9 (WiFi)
  • Available in 4 color variations – black (SIH-XXBITB), silver (SIH-XXBITS), champagne (SIH-XXBITC), white (SIH-XXBITW)

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TERREL is a premium series focused on design. It impresses not only with its graceful rounded shapes, but also with its 4 colour variants – white, black, silver and champagne. The units have all the user functions such as quiet operation, I FEEL for more comfortable temperature control, +8°C tempering, automatically horizontal swinging louvres and many more. As a matter of course, you can also control the units via WiFi or use the Cold Plasma Generator (ioniser) function, which increases the quality and purity of the air in the room.

With the addition of the SWC-02 wall-mounted controller, the TERREL units can be implemented into higher-level systems using Modbus or BACnet protocol. These units use environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, which significantly reduces the impact on the environment.


CapacityCooling / Heating7,0 (2,0–8,5) / 7,4 (2,2–9,0)kW
Power SupplyInto Outdoor Unit220 – 240 / 1 / 50V / Ph / Hz
Power InputCooling / Heating1,90 / 1,90kW
Rated Power InputCooling / Heating3,8kW
Power CurrentCooling / Heating8,7 / 8,8A
Rated Power CurrentCooling / Heating17,5A
Energy classCooling / Heating (A, W, C)A++ / (A+, A+++, B)
PdesignCooling / Heating7,0 / 6,4kW
SEER / SCOP6,5 / 4,0W / W
Annual Electricity ConsumptionCooling / Heating377 / 2240kWh
Air FlowIndoor Unit1250 / 1100 / 1000 / 950 / 900 / 850 / 750m3 / h
Air FlowOutdoor Unit3200m3 / h
Sound Pressure Level at 1 mIndoor Unit48 / 45 / 42 / 39 / 37 / 36 / 33dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level at 1 mOutdoor Unit57dB(A)
Sound Power LevelIndoor unit58 / 55 / 52 / 49 / 47 / 46 / 43dB(A)
Sound Power LevelOutdoor unit67dB(A)
Dehumidifying Volume2,4l / h
Refrigerant / Charge / Eq. CO2R32 / 1,70 / 1,18type / kg / t
Additional Refrigerant50g / m
Refrigerant Liquid PipeDiameter1/4 / 6inch / mm
Refrigerant Gas PipeDiameter5/8 / 16inch / mm
Max pipe length without additional refrigerant5m
Min. / Max. Pipe Length3 / 25m
Max. Elevation10m
Dimension (w x h x d)Indoor Unit1122 × 329 × 247mm
Dimension (w x h x d)Outdoor Unit965 x 700 x 396mm
Package (w x h x d)Indoor Unit1177 × 406 × 332mm
Package (w x h x d)Outdoor Unit1029 x 750 x 458mm
Net / Gross WeightIndoor Unit17,5 / 21,0kg
Net / Gross WeightOutdoor Unit53,5 / 58,0kg
Set Temperature range16 ~ 30°C
Operating Temperature RangeCooling-15 ~ 43°C
Operating Temperature RangeHeating– 22 ~ 24°C

The technical specification of the products may differ from the stated values according to product development by the manufacturer. Please refer to the parameters on the unit nameplate.
R32 (one-component HFC refrigerant). GWP value of refrigerant used: 675
This equipment contains fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol.


Declaration of conformity

User manual

These air conditioning units must be installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer.  We can install the unit for you using our F-Gas Certified Engineers. Please note if you do not select our installation service  we will not ship the unit until we have obtained evidence from you that you will have the unit installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.



Black, Champagne, Silver, White

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