Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

1. Introduction

Eagles Tribe Ltd is committed to conducting its business with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. This Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy outlines our commitment to preventing bribery and corruption within our organization.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all employees, directors, contractors, consultants, and anyone else acting on behalf of Eagles Tribe Ltd (collectively referred to as “personnel”).

3. Definition of Bribery and Corruption

Bribery and corruption are defined as the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of any item of value to influence the actions of an official or other person in a position of authority.

4. Compliance with Laws

All personnel must comply with all applicable anti-bribery and corruption laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where Eagles Tribe Ltd operates.

5. Prohibited Conduct

  • Eagles Tribe Ltd prohibits the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of bribes or any other form of corrupt practice.
  • Personnel must not make facilitation payments, which are small payments to speed up routine governmental actions.
  • Gifts, hospitality, or entertainment must be reasonable, proportionate, and not intended to improperly influence a business decision.

6. Due Diligence

Eagles Tribe Ltd will conduct due diligence on business associates, partners, and third-party representatives to ensure they adhere to similar anti-bribery and corruption standards.

7. Reporting and Whistleblowing

Personnel are encouraged to report any suspected or actual breaches of this policy promptly. Eagles Tribe Ltd will protect whistleblowers from retaliation.

8. Consequences of Breach

Breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action, termination of employment, and legal proceedings as appropriate.

9. Training and Communication

Eagles Tribe Ltd will provide training on anti-bribery and corruption policies to all personnel regularly. The policy will be communicated effectively throughout the organization.

10. Monitoring and Review

Eagles Tribe Ltd will regularly review and update this policy to ensure its effectiveness and relevance to changing circumstances.

11. Conclusion

This policy represents Eagles Tribe Ltd’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. All personnel are expected to adhere to the principles outlined herein.