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Fujitsu Designer Series KG, (2 to 4 kW) – to be used in a multi split configuration


    • Slim and stylish square design
    • Comfortable airflow and quiet operation
    • Outstanding energy-saving performance
    • Smart device control (optional)
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Slim and stylish square design

The slim and stylish design of this indoor unit is realized by using a high-density, multi-path heat exchanger and a high-efficiency wind blower.

Outstanding energy-saving performance

Outstanding energy efficiency is achieved by using a high-efficiency lamda heat exchanger, a large crossflow fan, and R32 refrigerant.

Applicable to the 7,000-, 9,000-, and 12,000-BTU models

Hybrid heat exchanger

The highly efficient, large hybrid heat exchanger achieves the best-in-class SEER and SCOP values.

Ø107 large crossflow fan

The large-diameter fan generates air volume efficiently even at reduced power.

Human sensor

The human sensor monitors the movement of a person in a room. When it detects that a person has left the room, it switches the air conditioner to low-capacity operation. When it detects the presence of a person again, it switches the unit back to the previous operation mode.

Comfortable airflow and quiet operation

The combination of a large louver and an air-blowing structure provides a comfortable, quiet airflow that spreads widely across the floor.

Smart device control (optional)

You can control the air conditioner with your smartphone, tablet, or PC from anywhere inside or outside the house or building.

Wireless LAN Adapter
The optional Wireless LAN Adapter allows a smartphone or tablet to operate the air conditioner from anywhere inside or outside the home or building.
These air conditioning units must be installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer.  We can install the unit for you using our F-Gas Certified Engineers. Please note if you do not select our installation service  we will not ship the unit until we have obtained evidence from you that you will have the unit installed by an F-Gas qualified engineer. This is a requirement of the Article 11 (5) EC/517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases and The Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015.


Capacity (kW)

2.0, 2.5, 3.5, 4.0

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