Samsung MWR-WG00UN, MWR-WG00JN, Advanced Wired Controller



  • –  MWR-WG00UN replaces MWR-WG00JN.
  • –  MWR-WG00JN compatibility: DVM S systems (AM**********AA, MCM-D211UN) and DVM Chiller FCU kits (MCM-F00N).
  • –  MWR-WG00UN compatibility: DVM S systems (AM**********AA, MCM-D211UN), DVM Chiller FCU kits (MCM-F00N), 2020 RAC single zone high-wall  units (AR**TSF*BWKNCV),  CAC indoor units (AC0***N****/AA).

Dual set temperature and other functions will require firmware upgrades. Refer to technical bulletins below for more information.