VRF air conditioning

Offering both heat pump and heat recovery technology, the VRF Outdoor units can be connected to up to 65 indoor units including floor standing, ducted, ceiling cassettes, ceiling suspended, wall mounted, air curtain, fresh air and water heating types. This makes them suitable for medium to large buildings that demand high performance with optimum efficiency.​


Advantages of VRF Air Conditioning Systems:

Energy Efficiency: Precise control of refrigerant flow reduces energy consumption.
Individual Zone Control: Customized temperature settings enhance occupant comfort.
Simultaneous Heating and Cooling: Efficiently manages varying thermal loads.
Flexibility: Modular design allows for easy installation and expansion.
Quiet Operation: Operates quietly, suitable for noise-sensitive environments.
Improved Indoor Air Quality: Advanced filtration options enhance air quality.

How Optim Pro helps commercial customers:

Energy Management: Optimizes energy usage and reduces operating costs.
Predictive Maintenance: Anticipates equipment failures and minimizes downtime.
Remote Monitoring and Control: Allows for convenient management from anywhere.
Performance Analytics: Tracks key metrics and identifies optimization opportunities.
Integration with BMS: Seamlessly integrates with existing building management systems for centralized control.
By leveraging the benefits of VRF systems and utilizing Optim Pro, commercial customers can achieve enhanced efficiency, comfort, and cost-effectiveness across their facilities.

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